Greeny & Jo’s

Trip to Idaho



1. Sea Wind Stables


Sea Wind Stables

Jonah & I were born here.  Our parents are famous racehorses.


We were both born in the year 2001 at Sea Wind Stables in Arlington, Wa. We have different mothers and the same father.

My human named me after my mother and my father, so I have the name Mean & Green.  My new humans call me Greeny, unless I push Jo over and eat her oats, then they call me Meany.  My sister Jonah was born without a left eye.  We call her Joni or JO!

When we were 2 years old the humans began training us.

Jo went all the way to Phoenix and was trained for a full year for the big races.  She doesn’t talk much about this time.  I guess she is a bit sad that she did not get to race a big race, she had a tendency to turn sideways to see the horses that were trailing after her, and the jockeys did not appreciate it! 

They only spent a few months training me, since my body filled out huskier than the other racehorses.  So we spent the last year and a half living next to each other in what our trainer calls “The paddocks”.

The Paddocks


In the winter, except for the area under the roofs where we are fed, the paddocks are mud, just water and mud,.

We had good cover and separate feeding areas, and a lot of room to run!. 

Jo is my best friend.



Other Barnyard Friends

Our barnyard friends Pig and goose.


Chicken cleaning up the oats.

We had other barnyard friends who came by now and again to annoy us with slop jokes and goosy antics. The chickens were quite tidy but they often got under hoof.

The Big Move

In the year 2005 our humans had 60 horses and 7 baby foals on the way.  So they decided to find new homes for 10 horses.  Our trainers Regan and Monica found us a new home in Idaho. They would only let us go to kind humans who would take both of us.

We noticed our trainers were very sad when we were loaded into the stock trailer side by side. What kind of a trailer was this?  There were no dividers.  Jo and I had never been close enough to touch. Both of us were nervous, not sure what to expect.  We’d always had our trainers come along with us. We heard them say good-bye. Where were we going?

To Idaho

We moved, we stopped we moved we stopped. While we were stopped these strangers kept coming up to the trailer touching us, talking to us. The female kept saying they were taking us to a new pasture in Idaho, that we’d love it there, she promised.  I must admit I liked the attention, and forgot to be so nervous. 

We moved for a long time, it started getting cold, it felt like we were going uphill, then the truck hauling the trailer started sputtering and quit moving right in the middle of the road on Snoqualmie Pass. One human came and told us not to worry we’d be home to Idaho soon.  I had to trust her.  After all we were stuck in this trailer and had no way to run!

We waited a while then started moving again.  The sun was setting it was getting cold.  We were hungry!

Here we were standing in the trailer on top of a mountain, when the truck was disconnected from the trailer and we were left there in a huge parking lot.  The new humans opened the side door and gave us a big drink of water and some really yummy hay and alfalfa.  We really wanted to just get out and graze, but we had enough to keep us content.   After a while longer our humans came back, talked to us and said we were going to someplace called Ellensburg.  Another truck came and towed us in the trailer outside human stables.  It was dark and just cold enough to be comfortable.  I was glad to be in the trailer since it was really snowing outside.  We like our heads covered in the rain or snow.  Honest.

The next morning the humans woke us up real early and fed us some oats and hay.  The oats had molasses on them yummy!  After a while we were hooked up to the truck and we started moving.

We did not go far.  The snow was falling outside in big wet flakes.  Jo and I were content until the trailer stopped moving.  Jo’s legs started shaking making the whole trailer shake. A human came out and rubbed her and calmed her down.  She is so sweet, I’m glad I had her company.


Then another big truck showed up.  Unhitched the truck from the trailer then pulled the truck onto its flat bed.  Then they hooked the trailer onto the truck and we went back to Ellensburg.  We stopped in a big parking lot, cars were racing by, and we were both so nervous we both rocked the trailer.  The humans came back rubbed us and told us that we were only delayed for a couple of hours and once again promised us green pastures in Idaho.


We were left there alone for hours and hours.  Then a bigger truck came and the trailer was hooked up and we moved back to the same human stable we stayed at the night before.  But this time, the doors opened and the humans put ropes on our halters and let us out of the trailer.

Whoa my legs were shaky and I could smell grass fresh grass!  Jo and I wanted to run and kick and eat!  The humans let us walk and eat and walk and eat.  They were very kind to us. 

When we did not want to go back into the trailer, the human spanked Jo on her rump and she had no choice but to go up into the trailer again.  I followed mostly because I did not want to leave Jo alone. We were fed water and oats and the humans went into their stable to sleep.  It snowed again that night, but Jo kept me nice and warm.


Long Ride to Greener Pastures


Early the next morning our humans came out and gave us oats and hay and we started moving again.  It was really a wet ride; wet snow kept coming in the sides of the trailer.  I kept moving around. Trying to get to Jo’s oats and water, cause I’m the head horse and it’s my job!

Every time we stopped, Jo’s legs would start shaking’ and the trailer would shake along with her, the human had to come to her aide, rubbing her and calming her with reassurance.  Since I have bigger haunches I had no trouble adjusting my weight at all.   These new humans weren’t so bad.  They fed us plenty we had everything we needed but our freedom to walk around.

We rode in that trailer all day!  It was after dark when the trailer stopped.  The humans both got out and were excited.  They said “We are here girls!!”

  And then they came into the trailer put ropes on our halters and walked us out of the trailer.  They said, “this is Idaho and here is a nice pasture for you two.”

  They said something about a creek but it was too dark to see anything.

Next thing we know we are taken in through a big gate and turned loose!  They put out hay and oats and were trying to get us to go father down the pasture.  But it was too dark for us to see that down the hill there was more grass and water.  We stayed on top.  We’d never been on a hill before.  It looked like it just dropped off.  They tired to put a rope on us and we rebelled.  You should have seen Jo she just kicked up her heals and loped away toward the gate.  I joined her.  We had a great romp, and those humans didn’t have a chance if they wanted to tie us up again, or maybe even put us back into that trailer.  Nope they were out of luck that night!


We had a night on the top of the pasture.  I tried to eat most of Jo’s food.  That’s just the way I am. 

The next morning we could see that we were in a big pasture, we were on a hill that went down to a huge area of grass and a flowing clean water creek.  We loved it we loped all over the place.  I kept pestering Jo cause that’s what I do!  The humans came out with some alfalfa! The oats were OK, but we love alfalfa. The humans came out and fed us twice this first day.

The 2nd morning, just before feeding time, Jo was rolling in the mud to scratch her back and she got her foot caught in the barbed wire and had a post between her legs so she could not move. She was lying there downhill, her head on the ground with her good eye in the mud, she couldn’t see and she was moaning.  I stood over her to protect her.  Luckily not long after she fell, the humans came out and helped her out.

The lady went to her head and got her good eye out of the dirt, she soothed her with gentle words and cooing  and hollered at the man to cut the wire.  Then they took the staples out of the post and pulled it out of the ground.  The gal pulled the rope on Jo’s halter and tugged just enough to get her back on her feet. 

Later the man came back out and fixed the fence and rubbed Jo’s sore muscles for a long time.  I got jealous and put my head on his shoulder.  He rubbed me too.  I really like him. I found out his name is Peter.



A few days later they came and put our halters on us again and put ropes on us and brought us out of the gate.  I saw the trailer and got away, I did not want to go into that trailer again.   Jo went into the trailer easy enough, and I had to concede and keep her company.  We were taken to our even greener grassier pasture with a big tree house cover and a freshwater creek. We have three horses in their own pasture to our left and one on the right in his own pasture but he has a fence that bites.  Made us rear up and kick up our heals! Even though he seems lonely we don’t bother with him and his biting fence anymore. We have lots to eat and good company.   I trust the girl human now too, she comes out with Peter and feeds me every morning and every night and she said that we’d have a beautiful green pasture to live in, in Idaho…She promised, and she was right!



So now we are in our pasture in Idaho with our humans Peter & Jeanna visiting twice a day. 

They also bring out little people to groom us while we eat.  They are funny those little people but we like ‘em anyway.




The end