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Currently we are enlisting new members.                                      Currently we are enlisting new members.

Join the growing number of northwest artists and crafts people who have an online presence to expand their exposure.



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1.Collect images and descriptions of your art or craft..

2.Write a paragraph or two about yourself.

3.Bring it in to our office, or send it in the mail. Snail mail or email.

Mary Bakker's Paintings click here!

Mary Bakker's Paintings

What Else Should I Know?

auniqueidaho.com is a newly developed website that offers an avenue for our artists and crafts people to display their wares, and offer them for sale on their own pages.  Each crafters page is custom designed and is unique within the site.

If you are interested in joining us in this great opportunity Please contact us.

Email        (208)983-3478

Grit's Photo albums click here!

Grit's Wedding Photo Albums

Jon Adkison's website



A childrens Book about Horses

Greeny & Jo's Trip To Idaho

by Jeanna

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